Compound or Recurve

Hit The Gold comes in two versions, Compound and Recurve. Hit The Gold is controlled by Neurosky compatible devices, i.e. Neurosky EEG chip headsets, which guarantees the highest quality possible. Different hardware options can be found here.


Innovative mental training for archery

Made by medical doctors

Hit The Gold is a neurofeedback software created by Core Interface, a team of neuroscientist, medical doctors and computer engineers in collaboration with elite archers and archery coaches.

Specific algorithm for archery

After hundreds of hours of recording and analysing brain activity of different level archers during the shot cycle, our team has created a specific algorithm for archery. This algorithm implemented in Hit The Gold software rewards good mental states with high scores.

Software + Hardware

The product includes only the software. The product licence has to be renewed annually for 60 USD.  Hardware has to be used together with Hit The Gold and is purchased separately. We offer a list of EEG headsets compatible with Hit The Gold.

Hit The Gold Features

A tool for improving mental performance in fun and entertaining way.

Practice with 1-9 arrows and get instant feedback of brainwave activities during every shot. Target is set at the correct distance in both, indoor and outdoor. Practice and measure brainwave activity to improve mental state during the shot.


Play whole tournaments (qualification and eliminations) with each level requiring a better mental readiness for archery. In the “Log Book” archers can review and analyse brainwave activities during each tournament. Try to win Local, National, Continental and World championship.


Every arrow released from “Practice” and “Tournament” mode is recorded so the user can track and analyse their progress at any time. Every real life archery session recorded with Hit The Gold is stored and available for review and comparison.

Meditation Training

First precondition of a great executed shot is being relaxed and staying calm. With different breathing techniques and real-time meditation feedback learn how to raise Alpha wave dynamics before taking a shot. Goal of this session is to teach archers how to be relaxed and calm before taking a shot.

Preparation Training

These exercises are not easy and it takes time and multiple repetitions to became master in mental imagery. During this session by looking at avatar performing the shot cycle and imagining you are doing the same, learn how to control Sensorimotor rhythm in preparation phase. That should also become important part of archers thought process before taking the shot.

Aiming Training

When aiming is all about staying calm and not thinking too much. In this session the crosshair distance to the closer indicates the optimal mental “zone”. The longer it is in the center of the target the better it is. Find routines that can clear your mind, stay calm and reach “the zone”.


Archers can take Hit The Gold to the field and apply everything they have learned to real-life shooting. “Record” mode allows archers to record their brainwaves in any situation. It can be used during real-life training session to measure and analyse brainwave activity live and monitor reactions to different interventions.

Monitor Brainwaves

The feature can also have other functions, i.e. archers can monitor archers brainwaves during meditation or other mental practice. Feature allows archers to compare and implement new mental skills to real-life performance.


Every arrow released is recorded so the user can track and analyse their progress at any time.

Hit The Gold team

Meet our team
Natko Beck
Team Leader
Raphael Bene
Ivan Fabek
Marin Mindoljević
Go to guy
Ivan Jonjić
Domagoj Buden
Mario Vavro
Dubravko Buden