Compound or Recurve

Hit The Gold comes in two versions, Compound and Recurve. Hit The Gold is controlled by Neurosky compatible devices, i.e. Neurosky EEG chip headsets, which guarantees the highest quality possible. Different hardware options can be found here.


Innovative mental training for archery

Improve your mental game

Through different features users can practice breathing techniques, visualisation and aiming performance

Practice archery anywhere

Hit The Gold can be used from the comfort of your home or in real-life on the field

Measure and track progress of mental training

Every arrow released is recorded so the user can track and analyse their progress at any time

Enjoy your training

Have fun while boosting archery performance

Play whole tournaments (qualification and eliminations) with each level requiring better mental readiness for archery.


Learn to optimize brainwave dynamics with simple breathing and visualisation exercises during the crucial time during the shot cycle.

Real-life recording

“Record” allows you to take Hit The Gold to the shooting range and apply everything you have learned to real-life shooting. Compare and implement new mental skills to real-life performance.

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Stay calm and focused during the shot cycle, learn how to control your state of mind
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World Class Archers about Hit The Gold

During Hit The Gold development, World Class archers and archery coaches tested our tool for mental training.

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